Business Insider Reports: Air Conditioning Spread the Coronavirus to 9 People Sitting Near an Infected Person In a Restaurant, Researchers Say…

Business Insider (via Yahoo! News) details an instance in a restaurant in Guangzhou, China. An asymptomatic customer dined there, and researchers deduced that the restaurant’s air conditioning spread their disease throughout the space. In doing so, the researchers confirm that the use of air conditioning units can be dangerous without the proper defenses used with it.

House Beautiful: EPA Says All-Natural Cleaners With Thymol Can Kill Coronavirus

House Beautiful praises thymol as an effective cleaning product to protect oneself from COVID-19. Thymol is a popular component due to its environmentally friendly and thorough clean that lacks the harsh side effects of bleach and chemicals. The article confirms that the EPA has designated products with thymol as effective treatments against the virus.

R.E.D. Facts

The Environmental Protection Agency’s scientific investigation rejects the old idea that thymol belonged only in pesticides. Its findings demonstrate that the natural ingredient is safe to use in indoor and outdoor spaces. It proves that thymol can be used in spaces occupied by humans and animals.