Business Insider Reports

Business Insider Reports (via Yahoo! News) details an instance in a restaurant in Guangzhou, China. An asymptomatic customer dined there, and researchers deduced that the restaurant’s air conditioning spread their disease throughout the space. In doing so, the researchers confirm that the use of air conditioning units can be dangerous without the proper defenses used with it.

The following are the study’s findings:

Business Insider Reports According to the findings of this investigation, an infected person sitting near an air conditioning outlet transmitted the COVID-19 virus to nine additional people seated nearby via the airflow from the air conditioning system outlets. Researchers discovered that air movement was critical in conveying and distributing virus particles in enclosed environments. It directly contributed to transmission by circulating infected air particles within ventilation system vents, aiding communication.

The Service Industry’s Implications:

Business Insider Reports This study has far-reaching implications for service sectors such as restaurants and cafes that rely primarily on air-conditioning systems. Its findings, in particular, highlight the importance of implementing severe ventilation measures and assessing existing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems to avoid infectious disease transmission inside indoor settings.

Improved Ventilation Systems: 

Restaurant owners and managers should prioritize improving ventilation systems to lower the risk of viral transmission by examining and maintaining HVAC systems regularly, ensuring proper air filtering, and maximizing fresh outdoor air intake into indoor spaces. HEPA filter air purifiers may assist in removing viruses, while deodorizer cleaners provide clean, fresh air circulation throughout an establishment’s ducts and vents.

Communication and Staff Development: 

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Deodorizer cleansers for ventilation systems can help keep fresh, odor-free air in their approach while also lowering the threats posed by airborne contaminants. Employee education regarding the hazards of air-conditioning systems is critical, and training must incorporate correct ventilation practices. Staff must learn to recognize symptoms of inadequate ventilation (such as poor air circulation or patron discomfort) and communicate problems to management as soon as possible.