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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported earlier this year on a COVID-19 epidemic triggered by air conditioning equipment in a restaurant in Guangzhou, China, in January 2020. Ten diners were infected with the COVID-19 strain, with three of them dying as a result.

The CDC concluded that an air conditioning system in a restaurant contributed to the epidemic. Its ductless design allowed for direct airflow onto diners, resulting in large concentrations of viruses in the air that spread through breathing habits or neighboring surfaces.

The CDC researchers discovered that airflow from an air conditioning system linked with how rapidly a virus spread among diners, with the infection most likely traveling from neighboring restaurants to nearby eateries.

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This epidemic shows that COVID-19 may spread through air conditioning systems; nonetheless, such instances are uncommon; transmission through AC should occur only in extremely particular circumstances, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

According to CDC reports, viruses appear to have propagated via air conditioning systems in confined locations with poor ventilation; air recirculation within such places may contribute to the concentration and dissemination of virus-containing respiratory droplets.

Even though COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through intimate physical contact between infected individuals, its airborne potential should not be overlooked. Respiratory droplets could linger in the air for long periods and be inhaled by those nearby, triggering transmission via airborne droplets.

To combat air conditioning-related outbreaks, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) emphasizes the importance of appropriate ventilation measures, including increasing outdoor air circulation, improving filtration systems, and using air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters to reduce viral particle concentration.

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