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how to use ductaid for your car

Using All-Natural Duct Aid can aid in keeping your car, RV, and truck's air ducts free from viruses, bacteria, mold and odors between trips.

The First All-Natural Air Duct Sanitizer-Deodorizer with Thymol. Thymol is the latest Natural Cleaner approved by the EPA to kill the CORONAVIRUS. This herb-derived ingredient disinfects air-duct systems, without the harsh smell of bleach. Thymol also eliminates offensive odors, fungus, black mold, and bacteria. 

how to use duct aid airlines

off the duct aid can

how to use duct aid airline

shake the can

place Duct Aid near return vent of car


Hold Valve of Ductaid Can

inside can the TO LOCK

Graphic of an a/c unit air supply

frequently asked questions

Thymol is an EPA proven natural product derived from the oil of the thyme plant. EPA testing has found that Thymol eliminates Offensive Odors, Fungus, *Black Mold, and Bacteria. The EPA testing has not found any adverse effects on Humans, Animals, or the environment from the use of Thymol.   

*Thymol has a relatively simple organic structure. Its IUPAC name is 5-methyl-2-isopropyl-1-phenol. When used according to appropriate procedures in a fogger chamber, Thymol can effectively kill active black mold, that is mold growing on a damp surface. EPA Nov 17, 2014

EPA tests have not found any adverse effects on humans, animals or the environment from the use of Thymol. However, we recommend that you redirect the vents away from food.

Duct Aid with Thymol is used inside the ductwork of your HVAC unit. 

Place the central Thermostat on the OFF position (see diagram). 

Open all air vents in the system and aim them away from food items.

Open all inside doors to create proper cross ventilation. For best results, remove the air filter (optional).

Shake the Duct Aid with Thymol can well 

Peel the label, then attach the Duct Aid with Thymol canister to the return vent or the inside of the air handler (see instructions and diagram). 

Place the FAN mode to the ON position (see diagram).

Pointing away from the eyes and face, press down the locking valve on the Duct Aid nozzle until it clicks.

Duct Aid with Thymol will completely release the product directly into the air duct system within ten minutes, deodorizing and cleaning the entire unit and the living space. 

Remove the empty can and dispose appropriately in the recycle bin. 

Return Thermostat settings to regular positions.

Replace the air filter every three months with each treatment or as needed. 

Yes. Duct Aid with Thymol works on any return vent.  For square footage information please email us at: Js.ductaid@gmail.com or call us at 1-833-Ductaid.

The amount of product to be used depends on the size and type of HVAC duct system and square feet of living space. A Duct Aid with Thymol 8 ounce can treat around 3000 square feet of living space. We recommend you use Duct Aid every three months or with every air filter change. For questions, please email us at  Js.ductaid@gmail.com or call us at 1-833-Ductaid.

There is no need to evacuate the area since Duct Aid with Thymol is made with all natural ingredients.

Duct Aid with Thymol is environmentally friendly and does not interfere with the oxygen layer. Duct Aid with Thymol does not cause allergies and can be used in areas that will be occupied by an asthmatic person.

Duct Aid with Thymol has a natural fresh clean scent similar to the aroma of thyme.

We recommend that you treat your air duct system with Duct Aid with Thymol every three months with your air filter change.