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DuctAid Free Subscription Pack

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DuctAid Free Subscription Pack

Become a member and get more discounts. Experience hassle-free air duct deodorizer cleaning with our Fogger Subscription pack.
Along with your Free membership we will send you a friendly reminder when is time to change your air filter. Let Duct Aid do all the guessing.

From: $86.66 every 3 months


    Duct Aid, with Thymol, Fogger is an all-natural DIY Air Duct Cleaner/Freshener. Duct Aid Fogger is to be used directly on the return vents or inside the air handlers of the (HVAC) systems of commercial or residential units; it can be used in Air conditioners inside vehicles, campers, planes, and as a room freshener, deodorizing cleaner. Thymol is a natural anti-v