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DuctAid Free Subscription Pack

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DuctAid Free Subscription Pack

Become a member and get more discounts. Experience hassle-free air duct deodorizer cleaning with our Fogger Subscription pack.
Along with your Free membership we will send you a friendly reminder when is time to change your air filter. Let Duct Aid do all the guessing.

From: $86.66 every 3 months


    Duct Aid, with Thymol, Fogger is an all-natural DIY Air Duct Cleaner/Freshener. Duct Aid Fogger is to be used directly on the return vents or inside the air handlers of the (HVAC) systems of commercial or residential units; it can be used in Air conditioners inside vehicles, campers, planes, and as a room freshener, deodorizing cleaner. Thymol is a natural anti-viral, anti-mold, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal extracted from the thyme plant.

    Duct Aid Fogger with Thymol is an all-natural solution for improving indoor air quality and eliminating odors. It’s designed for use in various settings:

    1. Air Duct Freshening: Directly apply to return vents or inside air handlers of HVAC systems in residential or commercial units for cleaner air.
    2. Vehicle Air Conditioning: Suitable for use in cars, campers, and planes to freshen air conditioning systems.
    3. Room Freshener and Deodorizer: Can be used as a room freshener to eliminate unpleasant odors.

    Thymol, extracted from thyme, provides natural antimicrobial properties, combating viruses, molds, bacteria, and fungi.

    Weight 5 oz

    4, 24

    How often you change your Air Filter:

    1 month, 2 months, 3 months


    How to use Ductaid?

    Breath the fresh air with Ductaid. A Thymol based product approved by EPA. 

    Follow the instructions to start.


    how to use duct aid airlines

    Open the Seal and see instructions on can.


    Shake the can well before sticking.


    Hold Valve of Ductaid Can

    Push the button to start cleaning the air.


    Air Vent Deodorizer Cleaner

    Stick to air vents and breath in the fresh air.