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    Duct Aid Fogger 4-pack (With Free Delivery)

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    Duct Aid Fogger with Thymol

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Why ductaid is important?

Duct Aid with Thymol is the first All-Natural DIY Air Duct Cleaner/Freshener Fogger to be used inside the air duct system of commercial and residential units.

The Thymol Fogger penetrates the intricate areas of the ductwork leaving a fresh clean scent of smell throughout the entire house.

Thymol was approved by the EPA as a natural cleaner to eliminate, viruses, bacteria, mold, and bad odors from hard surfaces.

Thymol is derived from the natural oils of the Thyme plant. It is also the main active ingredient in Listerine.

Duct Aid could be used in a split or window AC unit, inside your Car, SUV, boat, or Camper, as a hand sanitizer, a face mask freshener, shoes or clothing, seat covers, as a room freshener, countertops, and more.

But most important. It’s been proven to be safe for humans and pets.


How to use Ductaid?

Breath the fresh air with Ductaid. A Thymol based product approved by EPA. 

Follow the instructions to start.


how to use duct aid airlines

Open the Seal and see instructions on can.


Shake the can well before sticking.


Hold Valve of Ductaid Can

Push the button to start cleaning the air.


Attach Duct Aid to Airline Vent

Stick to air vents and breath in the fresh air.


Essentially given the current pandemic we’re living in. I’ve been keeping a can of DuctAid with Thymol on my kitchen counter and using it to disinfect door knobs and handles around my house every few days. Most importantly, I use this to disinfect my groceries after I get them delivered. I use this Fogger to disinfect everything outside before bringing it into my house. This whole experience has really made me think about doing a less extreme version of these measures in regular life when we aren’t living in a pandemic.
Ellie Effenbogen
When I saw this new product (DuctAid with Thymol) and I am familiar with essential oils and I know how powerful they are I bought it right away. I put it inside my air handler that night. That night both of us slept well. We walk up in the morning like we could breath. The heaviness in my chest and my throat when away and we felt so much better. My father had a good night sleep. He was not coughing all night.
Clarissa Zaikas
In our effort to be extremely cautious, and to exceed recommendations from the CDC, we have been continuously cleaning and disinfecting the Clubhouse and Golf Carts every day. In addition to this we fogged the clubhouse on a daily basis with DuctAid with Thymol.
Richard Eyer