Keeping My House Sanitized

This is the OG sanitizer Fogger! It’s a priority of mine to keep my house sanitized and deodorized to prevent colds and the flu. DuctAid with Thymol is a brand I trust to keep my family healthy.  I love the self attachment because it easy to attach to any surface.  DuctAid  smell and I would describe it as fresh and clean. When ya just have to have a sanitizing spray that works well, grab a can of DuctAid with Thymol.  

If you don’t live alone, and especially if you have kids, your home is teeming with creepy crawly germs. When a stomach bug or cold has torn through our home I basically attach a can of DuctAid with Thymol on the air handler  to ensure all the beasties are fully killed dead in the entire apartment.  

Evelin Guerrero June 29, 2020