Made with Essential Oils Safe for People and Pets

I finally found a can of  DuctAid with Thymol during this huge pandemic that is happening.  I usually don’t like buying such harsh disinfectants due to chemicals and smells.  I decided to read the ingredients on the label.  To my amazement they are all natural ingredients.  I truly believe that this is a good product that does exactly as it says. I like the convenience of spraying it into the return vent instead of going all over the house room to room.  

When I saw this new product (DuctAid with Thymol) and I am familiar with essential oils and I know how powerful they are I bought it right away.  I put it inside my air handler that night.  That night both of us slept well.  We walk up in the morning like we could breath.  The heaviness in my chest and my throat when away and we felt so much better.  My father had a good night sleep.  He was not coughing all night.  

Sanchia Playfair June 29, 2020