In the Kitchen...

Essentially given the current pandemic we’re living in. I’ve been keeping a can of DuctAid with Thymol on my kitchen counter and using it to disinfect door knobs and handles around my house every few days. Most importantly, I use this to disinfect my groceries after I get them delivered. I use this Fogger to disinfect everything outside before bringing it into my house. This whole experience has really made me think about doing a less extreme version of these measures in regular life when we aren’t living in a pandemic.
Ellie Effenbogen
Babylon, NY

In the Bedroom...

When I saw this new product (DuctAid with Thymol) and I am familiar with essential oils and I know how powerful they are I bought it right away. I put it inside my air handler that night. That night both of us slept well. We walk up in the morning like we could breath. The heaviness in my chest and my throat when away and we felt so much better. My father had a good night sleep. He was not coughing all night.
Clarissa Zaikas
Bradenton, FL

At the Country Club...

In our effort to be extremely cautious, and to exceed recommendations from the CDC, we have been continuously cleaning and disinfecting the Clubhouse and Golf Carts every day. In addition to this we fogged the clubhouse on a daily basis with DuctAid with Thymol.
Richard Eyer
Venice, FL

At the Rental Property...

Hello I am Mike. I have a rental property that had a musty smell. So, I got some of the product (Duct Aid with Thymol) and I put it under the AC intake and seems to do the trick. And it took the musty smell away. So, I am happy.
Mike Olson
Sarasota, FL

At the Call Center...

So I'm not a weird person who gets really scared about getting sick or anything but I do work in a call center and anytime anybody sick I have really noticed a huge difference on how well DuctAid with Thymol works just in keeping me safe from colds. It can be a little expensive but I also feel like the amount of lousy Nest that I feel when I'm sick can also be expensive just getting medicine to make me feel better so I think that it all evens out in the end especially when all I have to do is attach it to my return vent.
Mary Dean
Laredo, TX

In the Home...

This is the OG sanitizer Fogger! It's a priority of mine to keep my house sanitized and deodorized to prevent colds and the flu. DuctAid with Thymol is a brand I trust to keep my family healthy. I love the self attachment because it easy to attach to any surface. DuctAid smell and I would describe it as fresh and clean. When ya just have to have a sanitizing spray that works well, grab a can of DuctAid with Thymol.
Evelin Guerrero
Boca Raton, FL
So the other day I had a smell in my room. In the process of try to fabreeze spray I came across this DuctAid with Thymol Fogger. I follow the directions and I attach it to the return vent. That evening I came home I was just amazed how good it smelled in my room and the whole entire house. It smelled clean not perfume heavy like frabreeze does but truly clean. DuctAid with Thymol made me a true believer. Don’t believe me try it your self.
Dan Friedman
Newburgh, NY
Hi my name is Terri, and I just recently purchased the new Duct Aid product. I’d like to tell you why I think this is a “must have” in any home with central air units. My home was built in 1957, and I’m pretty sure the duct work hasn’t been cleaned in decades—if ever! Having a good sense of smell, it’s important to me that my home smells fresh and clean, but after being closed up with the central air on, if often smelled a little “stale” or almost musty to me. Having allergies, I am sure this is no help! So, when I heard about this product, I really wanted to try it, because let’s face it –having a company come out and professionally clean the ducts in your home is very expensive.
Terry Cicero
Port Charlotte, FL
I finally found a can of DuctAid with Thymol during this huge pandemic that is happening. I usually don’t like buying such harsh disinfectants due to chemicals and smells. I decided to read the ingredients on the label. To my amazement they are all natural ingredients. I truly believe that this is a good product that does exactly as it says. I like the convenience of spraying it into the return vent instead of going all over the house room to room.
Sanchia Playfair
Woodstock, NY
I was surprised to see how easy it was to use the fogger! Just take out the filer, so timing it when replacing the filter is a good idea, make sure your unit has the fan on and set the fogger down inside and press the button till it clicks – that’s it! In a couple minutes the container empties and you take it out and place a new filter in the unit. The fact that this product is a natural substance that will kill all the mold or viruses, whatever is lurking in the ducts is amazing! I love the scent of the product as well and to be honest- it would be well worth the price even if this was just a deodorizer: I have spent so much more on so many room air fresheners, that don’t work anywhere near as well as this product does. My home does not have that stale sent any longer and I plan on using this every time I change the filters!
Terri Maldonado
Longview, TX
If you don’t live alone, and especially if you have kids, your home is teeming with creepy crawly germs. When a stomach bug or cold has torn through our home I basically attach a can of DuctAid with Thymol on the air handler to ensure all the beasties are fully killed dead in the entire apartment.
Dan Hill
Chicago, IL