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Duct Aid Frequently Asked Questions. Thymol, a natural disinfectant approved by the EPA to eliminate COVID-19 from surfaces. Refer to our FAQ for any questions.

Thymol is an EPA proven natural product derived from the oil of the thyme plant. EPA testing has found that Thymol eliminates offensive odors, fungus, black mold*, and bacteria. EPA tests on Thymol has not found any adverse effects on humans, animals, or the environment.   

*Thymol has a relatively simple organic structure. Its IUPAC name is 5-methyl-2-isopropyl-1-phenol. When used according to appropriate procedures in a fogger chamber, Thymol can effectively kill active black mold growing on damp surfaces. (EPA Nov 17, 201

Duct Aid with Thymol has a natural clean scent similar to the fresh aroma of thyme.
EPA tests on Thymol have not found any adverse effects on humans, animals or the environment. However, we recommend that you redirect the vents away from food.
There is no need to evacuate since Duct Aid with Thymol is made with all natural ingredients.

DuctAid with Thymol is used inside the ductwork of your HVAC unit. 

Place the central thermostat on the OFF position (see diagram). 

Open all air vents in the system and aim them away from food items.

Open all inside doors to create proper cross ventilation. For best results, remove the air filter (optional).

Thoroughly shake the DuctAid with Thymol can. 

Peel the label, then attach the DuctAid with Thymol canister to the return vent or the inside of the air handler (see instructions and diagram). 

Place the FAN mode to the ON position (see diagram).

Pointing away from the eyes and face, press down the locking valve on the DuctAid nozzle until it clicks.

DuctAid with Thymol will completely release the product directly into the air duct system within ten minutes, deodorizing and cleaning the entire unit and the living space. 

Remove the empty can and dispose appropriately in the recycle bin. 

Return thermostat settings to regular positions.

Replace the air filter every three months with each treatment or as needed. 

We usually recommend using the HVAC system to distribute DuctAid throughout your space.

However, DuctAid with Thymol can be used as a room deodorizer-sanitizer. Because DuctAid is a fogger, its fine particles will linger in the air longer than regular liquid propellant aerosol products.

Yes! DuctAid with Thymol works on any return vent.  For square footage information please email us at or call us at 1-833-DUCTAID.

Duct Aid with Thymol works great in cars, trucks or boats. Simply spray the return vent for about 15 seconds while the fan is on.

The return vent on vehicles is usually located under the dashboard of the passenger side.

The amount of product necessary depends on the size and type of HVAC duct system and square feet of living space on your property. A DuctAid with Thymol 8 ounce can treats around 3000 square feet of living space. We recommend you use DuctAid every three months or with every air filter change. For questions, please email us at or call us at 1-833-DUCTAID.

We recommend that you treat your air duct system with DuctAid with Thymol every three months with your air filter change.

Duct Aid with Thymol is environmentally friendly and does not interfere with the oxygen layer. Duct Aid with Thymol does not cause allergies, and can be used in areas that will be occupied by an asthmatic person.

Duct Aid Fogging system allows the formula to penetrate into the intricate areas of the air ducts system without creating extra moisture which are mostly found on regular water propellant sprays. This extra moisture is one of the causes of black mold and mildew.

For those hard to remove bad smells in your A/C we recommend you close all the supply vents. Then follow the direction of use printed on the can.
By closing all your supply vents you are allowing the Thymol active ingredient to concentrate longer into the air duct system.
This procedure have been tested by our customers with Great results.

We recommend that you place your system on the Fan Only position while using the product.
IMPORTANT: For Gas or Oil powered units you Must have the pilot light Off while using our product.

Using Duct Aid in Different Industries

Household use

We recommend using Duct Aid with Thymol every 3 months or every air filter change. An 5 oz. can of Duct Aid with Thymol will service around 3000 square feet of living space. 

Hotel Industry

Hotel and motel rooms could benefit from Duct Aid, especially places that offer smoking rooms. Duct Aid  is easy to use and hands-free, cutting down time for cleaning staff.

Real Estate Industry

Before showing a home or building, realtors and agents can use Duct Aid in the vent system deodorizing the house or building before showing. <br> HOW TO USE

HVAC service industry

HVAC industries could offer the Duct Aid deodorizer as a AC cleaning service as part of maintenance or as a premium complimentary service for their customers.

Airline Industry

Flights usually take around 60 minutes to perform service between flights. Duct Aid uses a hands-free delivery system for easy deployment that takes less than 10 minutes.

auto Industry

Many air fresheners are made to mask the offensive odors  inside your vehicle. Duct Aid eliminates the problem by deodorizing and cleaning the inside air duct system of your car.